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Apply for Studentassistent for IT-support (OsloMet)

1. Reduced functional ability/Gap in the CV

OsloMet would like to encourage persons with an impairment or a gap in the CV to apply. If this is you please select one of the options below. A gap in the CV means that you have been outside of the workforce, education or training for at least two years of the last five years. The absence must be caused by addiction, imprisonment or illness, including mental illness, or you must have been actively seeking employment during the absence period. Please note that this information will be used anonymously for statistics and reporting. *

  •  Impairment
  •  Gap in the CV
  •  No

2. Immigrant background

Applicants who state that they have immigrant background will be assessed in accordance with the requirements of summoning at least one qualified applicant with immigrant background to the interview process. Immigrant background implies that you are born in another country than Norway or have immigrated from another country or that both your parents are born in another country. *

  •   I have an immigrant background (State country of origin)
  •   Nei

3. Precedence

If you have been dismissed from a public entity in Norway, the Norwegian Public Employee Act section 24 may, on certain conditions, give you the right to claim preference to another appropriate position in the public sector in Norway. In that case you will have been issued a certificate of redundancy that must be enclosed with your application.

(Not Required)
  •  I want to avail myself of the right of preference to another civil servant position in Norway

4. Request for confidentiality

In accordance with the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act § 25, you may request confidentiality and be exempted from the public list of applicants if you believe special circumstances indicate that you may be affected if your name are published. However, please note that your request may be denied. Please state whether you would like to go through with your application if your request is denied. OsloMet only publishes lists of applicants when we receive a specific enquiry. *

  •   I request confidentiality and want to be exempted from the public list of applicants.
  •   No
Question 5 must be answered if you requested for exemption from the public list of applicants

5. I want to go through with my application even though my request for confidentiality is denied.

(Not Required)
  •  Yes
  •  No

6. Where did you first find this advertisement? *

  •   Oslomet.no
  •   NAV
  •   Finn.no
  •   Aftenposten
  •   Aftenposten.no
  •   Academic Positions
  •   LinkedIn
  •   Universitetsjobb.se
  •   Eures
  •   Euraxess
  •   ResearchGate
  •   inkludi.no
  •   Facebook
  •   Twitter
  •   Instagram
  •   utrop.no
  •   forskning.no
  •   jobs.ac.uk
  •   Indeed
  •   Other
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